Some Post Images Appearing Blurry After Using Blogger Importer

Make sure to take a backup of your Blogger template before doing that. WordPress is a very advanced platform, so the Blurry Images problem is not too much on this platform. However, hosting, plugin and coding problems often cause this problem.

Now in this tutorial, we have shared two simple methods that can help you to fix this issue of blurry images on Blogger. You can easily make your blog images look clear and sharper as they were originally before uploading. This is similar to what we did manually in this tutorial to fix blurry images on Blogger. Finally we set the width to 100% and height to auto so the images span the width of our sidebar and height adjusts to that proportionately. Up today, community member and EyeEm ambassador Chris Prakoso, aka @mahadewa, shares his tips for avoiding blurry images.


Then you will see a pen option under the title on the left side of the post, click here. This problem causes the Popular Post, Featured Image, Gallery and Homepage Thumbnails image to blur. Breadcrumb of these problems occur when using a free template on Blogger.

Why blurry thumbnail problems in Blogger

The reason is that the additional benefits that are given in premium templates are not given in free templates. As a result, most of these problems occur in the free Blogger template. Generally speaking, when using photos of people or animals, the closer the crop, the more “dramatic” the photo. It falls back to sorting by highest score if no posts are trending.

Most of the time this slight movement won’t matter much; but it’s safer to tap more lightly to avoid potential blurriness. This method will solve your blurry thumbnail problem. First, open your blogger dashboard and go to the theme option and take backup. The backup-taking process is given below in the picture. See the given picture and follow the steps.

How To Solve Blogger Blurry Featured Image Problem? Without Codes

To read more of his excellent tips, check out his blog Moblivious. Blogger pictures blurry is that which you can see your blogger site when you visit their your post thumbnail are going to blurry. This Blogger pictures’ blurry problem is started from your blogger theme coding problems. This problem we can fix but we need to follow a few steps carefully.

When you upload the photo via Blogger choose Original Size, that will ensure full quality each time. If you’re uploading an image and choose small / medium / large size and then resizing using CSS then that is when you’ll face issues. One of the biggest culprits of blurry photos is camera shake. This happens when the phone moves too much while the picture is being taken, resulting in motion blur on the object you are photographing. To minimize shake and eliminate the blur hold your phone steady with 2 hands, bring your elbow to your side, and hold your breath.

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